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Moscow International High-Rise Conference

October 22-24, 2008, Ararat Park Hyatt, Moscow, Russia

Organizers and Partners

International partner CTBUHInternational partner

  The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, based at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, is an international organization sponsored by architecture, engineering, planning, and construction professionals, designed to facilitate exchanges among those involved in all aspects of the planning, design, construction and operation of tall buildings.
The Council’s mission is to disseminate information on healthy urban environments and technology, to maximize the international interaction of professional involved in creating the built environment and to make the latest knowledge available to professionals in a useful form.
Since its founding in 1969, the Council has been active in organizing and sponsoring professional conferences on the regional, national and international levels. Symposia, workshops, seminars, and technical sessions are held periodically on topics of unique interest to the particular community.
As one of its services to the public, the Council publishes the CTBUH Journal, a journal that includes papers submitted by researches, scholars, suppliers, and practicing professionals in the industry. The Council also operates the “High-Rise Buildings database” which contains important data on thousands of tall buildings throughout the world.
The Council is the recognized source for information on tall buildings worldwide, focusing on their role in the urban environment. The Council provides a forum for discussing the ideas associated with providing adequate space for live and work, involving not only technological factors, but social and cultural aspects as well. 

Lobby Agency

The Moscow-based Lobby Agency is a well-established company with a focus on organizing intellectual business-tours for real estate market participants, providing advisory and PR services in the area of exhibition activities, hotel property and foreign real estate, design and architecture.
The Lobby Agency assists in reaching new levels of professional cooperation with the world business elite, in positive global image creation for companies and projects as well as in initiating new strategies. In other words, the agency helps its clients in reaching new heights.
The Lobby Agency has organized business tours to Chicago, Dubai, Brussels, Eindhoven and the Cote d'-Azur. It has vast experience in co-organizing conferences and seminars on investment and hotel business, in particular within the framework of MIPIM-2004, 2005 and 2006 (Cannes). The Agency has acted as a co-author of Hotelexpo-2005 and Hotelexpo-2006 conference business programs. It has organized / co-organized seminars related to real-estate, antiques & auction and hotel business at such exhibitions as MREF, Nedvizhimost (Real Estate) and Zolotaya Nedvizhimost (Gold Real Estate).
The Lobby Agency is a member of the FIABCI Russian chapter, a CTBUH member and an official organizing Business-Partner for the Moscow Region delegation at the CEPIF-2008 exhibition.

TSNIIEP Zhilisha

(Central Research and Design Institute for Residential and Public Buildings Open Joint-Stock Company)

Established in 1949, for over 50 years of its activities TSNIIEP Zhilisha has become the leading expert entity in its industry. TSNIIEP has gained vast design and engineering experience in all spheres of residential and public construction (housing, hotels, offices, commercial and healthcare facilities, leisure and sports facilities, new city districts, large city developments and complexes).
The ideas of the TSNIIEP team - scientists, architects, engineers, economists - has been brought to life in Russia (in the cities of Tolyatti, Naberezhnye Chelny, Ulyanovsk, Vladivostok, Yelabuga) and abroad (in Cuba, Mongolia, the former Yugoslavia and other countries).
TSNIIEP Zhilisha is the author of the current Russian construction norms and regulations (SNiP) for residential construction as well as of a number of unconventional solutions for industrial and individual housing. The techniques developed by the institute are widely used by construction specialists.
TSNIIEP Zhilisha has well-established contacts with foreign colleagues from France, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Finland and Korea.
TSNIIEP Zhilisha is famous among experts as a “source of manpower”. Its post-graduate and internship students are employed by federal and municipal authorities as well as by the most reputable engineering and design companies. 

Organizing Committee

Alexander Kouzmin, City of Moscow Chief Arhitect, Co-Chairman;

David Scott, CTBUH, Chairman, Co-Chairman;

Yury Granik, TSNIIEP Zhilisha;

Sergey Gruzd, Russian Fire Voluntary Association;

Nikolay Koshman, Russian Association of Construction,

Thomas McCool, Turner Construction;

Stanislav Nikolaev, TSNIIEP Zhilisha,

Elena Shuvalova, LOBBY Agency;

Antony Wood, CTBUH