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Georges BINDER
Managing Director

Avenue de la Forêt 4 bte 15

B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

T 32.2-673.0779

F 32.2-672.0957




Georges Binder started working in the real estate circles as responsible for studies in the real estate arm of the financial AG Group, now Fortis.  In 1990, he left AG Group, then Belgium’s largest real estate owner and investor, to join Residentia International, a Swedish developer, in the position of research manager.


In 1992, Georges Binder founded BUILDINGS & DATA SA, a limited company, of which he is managing director.
BUILDINGS & DATA SA is specialised in marketing and research studies in the architecture and real estate fields.  BUILDINGS & DATA SA has its own real estate documentation compiled over a period of more than 30 years and started after a visit by Georges Binder at the World Trade Center in New York City in 1975.  It comprises information, databases, plans and images about major architectural and real estate works from around the world and especially covering high-rise projects of any type and the buildings of the 12,000,000-square-meter Brussels office market.  Part of the information is stored in a data base while documents come from architects, developers, investors, real estate agents and all type of commercial and specialized publications such as leasing brochures or architecture books and magazines.  Over 100 square meters are necessary to house this library.  Georges Binder is regularly invited to collaborate in tall buildings publications.
Since 1993, Georges Binder has also been a member of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat-CTBUH (Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA) where he used to be responsible for the Height Committee for several years. Georges Binder was also one of the speakers at the CTBUH 8th World Congress last March in Dubai.


Belgian, born in Brussels, Belgium on June 6, 1960, Georges Binder is a graduate in Distribution-Marketing from the EPHEC in Brussels


Selected tall buildings publications:

TAIPEI 101-The Tallest of the Tall, Georges Binder, Images Publishing, Mulgrave, Australia, end of 2008
Tall Buildings of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Georges Binder (ed.), Images Publishing, Mulgrave, Australia, 2006
101 of the World’s Tallest Buildings, Georges Binder (ed.), Images Publishing, Mulgrave, Australia, 2006
Sky High Living, Georges Binder (ed.), Images Publishing, Mulgrave, Australia, 2002
Tall Buildings of Asia & Australia, Georges Binder (ed.), Images Publishing, Mulgrave, Australia, 2001
Gratte-ciel, C. Mierop in collaboration with G. Binder, Institut français d’Architecture/Norma, Paris, France, 1995


Binder. Conference abstract:

While using tall buildings data and statistics, Georges Binder will show trends and shifts relating to building structural materials and building uses and new locations accommodating high-rise buildings. After decades of the American office building being dominate, in the last twelve years we have observed a gradual but major shift from office use to residential and mixed-use for tall buildings, and from North America to Asia .