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Moscow International High-Rise Conference

October 22-24, 2008, Ararat Park Hyatt, Moscow, Russia

Conference Tours



        All delegates will have the opportunity for one or more of the following technical tours.

1: Sokolinaya gora  


Corner construction site is located at the intersection of Izmaylovsky Val and Shcherbakovskaya streets in close proximity to Semyonovskaya metro station, defining the urban-planning concept of the high-rise building.

The main axis of the building is directed to the center of the square and is additionally fixed by the central lane of the mini-park. Due to its nominal height of 120 meters (33 storeys) the tower dominates the surrounding area filled with buildings of varied height and architectural design. Lower 18- and 24-storey units attached to the central core create a sense of scale-adjusted transition to the surrounding built environment.


2: Federation Tower  


The Federation Tower is to become the Tallest Building in Europe and Europe's first Supertall.
The complex is divided into two towers with a shared podium with a total floor area of 423,000 square meters.
Tower 1 is 360 meters and 93 storeys tall with 207,000 square meters of floor space. This tower will be used as office space.
Tower 2 is 242 meters and 62 storeys tall with 110,500 square meters of floor space. Tower 2 will be used as a hotel and residential apartments.
At the top of both towers there will be a 360 degree view observation platform and restaurants.
8 above-ground and 1 underground floors will contain over 50,000 square meters of shopping space.
When completed, the complex will feature the World's Tallest Spire soaring up to over 506 meters and will have World's highest glass elevators, ascending at a rate of 18 meters per second.

3: Alye Parusa (Scarlet Sails)  


Scarlet Sails is a quarter of high-rise buildings in Moscow. The first towers of this high-end luxury residential development have been completed in September 2001 in the Shchukino district, northwest of Moscow. The first tenants moved in during December. Later on a fourth luxury tower - Scarlet Sails block IV - was added to the development. Completed in 2003, it is currently the highest tower of the complex - 175.6 meters (48 storeys).

4: Moscow State University  


This tallest university building in the world was constructed on washy ground of top of Sparrow's Hills.
The Tallest Building in Europe until MesseTurm, Frankfurt completed in 1991.
There is a large freeze system under the building, freezing ground around the University for over 1 sq km.