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   Ara Aramovich Aramyan


Date of Birth: May 29, 1963.


In 1985 graduated with honors from Yerevan Polytechnic Institute (the city of Yerevan, Armenia), Department of Technical Cybernetics / Automatic Control Systems.


In 1990 completed post-graduate studies in the Institute of Control Sciences of the Academy of Sciences, USSR, Moscow. Postgraduate thesis “Development of Models and Methods of Discreet Manufacturing Operational Control” defended successfully.





Starting from 1991: Commercial Director and Partner, Explus small innovation & research enterprise.


1993 - 1998: First Deputy General Director, later on - General Director (CEO), AOZT Mostekhnostroy [Closed-Type Joint-Stock Company] (Mosinterstroy Group of Companies).


In 1998 became a Deputy Executive Director of the International Institute of Corporations.


1999 - 2001: General Director (CEO), ZAO M.S.G [Closed Joint-Stock Company] (LUSINE Concern Group)


Starting from 2001: General Director (CEO), ZAO AK ARARAT [Closed Joint-Stock Company] (LUSINE Concern Group)


Starting from 2003: General Director (CEO), ZAO Kompaniya InterRus-M [Closed Joint-Stock Company] (Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel, Moscow). At the same time - First Deputy General Director, ZAO Concern Lusine [Closed Joint-Stock Company].


Starting from 2003: Vice President, MIRAX GROUP Corporation

MIRAX GROUP is a global investment & development corporation, one of the top five largest Russian developers. The corporation focuses on unique projects never implemented in Russia before.


MIRAX GROUP Corporation started its business in 1994. Currently MIRAX GROUP operates both in the Russian market and overseas. Its shareholders are implementing projects in Russia, Ukraine, France, Turkey, Cambodia, Montenegro, the USA, Switzerland and the UK.


In accordance with estimates, by the end of 2008 revenue of the corporation will reach approximately $2.6 bln. which is twice the 2007 figure; EBITDA will amount to approximately $1.2 bln. (growth by 2.2 times), net profit - to approximately $790 mln. (growth by 2 times). Total amount of investment in construction in 2008 will be about $3 bln.


Construction of at least seven new projects with a total area of 4.5 mln. sq.m started in 2008. The portfolio of the corporation includes facilities and projects with a total area of over 12 mln. sq.m.


At the end of 2006 leading international agencies Moody’s Investor Service and Fitch Ratings assigned high credit ratings to the corporation - В2 and В, respectively (outlook - “Stable”). MIRAX GROUP is the first Russian developer to switch over to the US GAAP in its financial reporting.


MIRAX GROUP Corporation is a member of the Builders’ Association of Russia, the “Delovaya Rossiya” [“Business Russia”] Russia-Wide Public Organization and the Russian Managers Association.


The Chairman of MIRAX GROUP Board of Directors is Sergey Polonsky. Other members of the Board of Directors are Dmitry Lutsenko, Maxim Privezentsev, Alexey Adikayev, Maxim Temnikov. The chairman of the Management Board is Alexey Kunitsyn.