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High-Rise Mixed Use Office Development located at: 1A Semyonovskaya Ploshchad (Eastern Administrative District),

implemented within the framework of the “New Ring of Moscow” municipal comprehensive investment program.

Investor: OAO VIKAINVEST Investment Company [Open Joint-Stock Company]



Corner construction site is located at the intersection of Izmaylovsky Val and Shcherbakovskaya streets in close proximity to Semyonovskaya metro station, defining the urban-planning concept of the high-rise building.


The main axis of the building is directed to the center of the square and is additionally fixed by the central lane of the mini-park. Due to its nominal height of 120 meters (33 storeys) the tower dominates the surrounding area filled with buildings of varied height and architectural design. Lower 18- and 24-storey units attached to the central core create a sense of scale-adjusted transition to the surrounding built environment.


The layout core of the building is a diagonal elevator lobby with ten high-speed elevators and a staircase oriented to the lobby and the main entrance to the building. The design provides for office premises located around the main elevator lobby with a second emergency evacuation exit to the second (smoke-proof) staircase with two fire emergency elevators added to the main volume. This staircase with elevators in the western wing of the building is the highest dominating element. Elevators and staircases have exits to the roof which may be used for fire-fighting purposes. On the lower three levels of the building the design provides for shops, a beauty studio, a restaurant as well as premises for technical personnel - a dispatcher control room, an automatic telephone system room and a a fire security post. The upper levels are intended for free-layout office premises with an area of 600 sq. m. - 1100 sq. m.


The building has 246 parking places on underground levels and on an open parking lot under a canopy.


The high-rise development is equipped with advanced power supply, fire-fighting and ventilation systems, central conditioning system, emergency UPS system including a self-contained diesel-generator unit. The building is designed to be equipped with modern telecommunications equipment.


The main diagonal façade of the building is designed in the form of stained glass structures, oriented to the square and the mini-park in front of it and has a stepped outline adding relief and expression to the façade. End facades of lower parts are dumb with terminal stepped recessed balconies of the 18- and 24-storey part of the building.


Along the perimeter of the corner mini-park there is a granite parapet dividing the development area from the traffic-way and providing the building with additional anti-terrorist protection. The design provides for façade lightning of the building at night emphasizing the most characteristic volume combinations. Bearing structures of the building are made of cast in-situ reinforced concrete with the required level of fire-resistance and stiffness.



Technical & economic parameters

- Construction volume                126 350 cubic meters

- Total building area                     34 650 square meters


  -superstructure                            28 223 square meters

  -substructure                                 6 426 square meters



OAO VIKAINVEST Investment Company

The “New Ring of Moscow” Program management company:

OAO Novoye Koltso Moskvy

Project management company (developer):


Lead designer:

ООО Tovarishchestvo Teatralnykh Arkhitektorov


ООО Quark Multi-Profile Enterprise

Master Contractor: