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Miguel Angel

Miguel Angel was born in 1977. Graduated in Law by University of Navarra, Spain, in 1999, he became co-head of the Information Technology department of that University in collaboration with RedIRIS (the academic Spanish national research network). After graduating in Computing Science in 2001 he started his career as IT consultant in Madrid, Spain moving later to Zaragoza, his hometown.

Since 2005, Miguel Angel has been working for Optimum World Properties, the international real estate agency inside Gesmar Group, travelling around the world to develope agency networks, managing the international department with Jose Ramon Callau and helping Gesmar Group in its international expansion.

He is at the moment immersed in the development of two high-rise buildings in Panama City.

Gesmar Group started its activity in 1975 in the Spanish real estate market, developing first home residential buildings. Covering much of the Spanish marketplaces with residential developments, the Group crossed the Atlantic to invest in Latin America. The company does all the real estate activity indoors, from the purchasing of the plots, market researches and land development, construction and marketing and selling of the products, each one with a company specialized in the field. The high-rise buildings the company has projected in Panama mean the most important projects so far.

Optimum World Properties was created under the auspices of this international expansion, to adapt its product and staff for an international environment. As a part of Gesmar Group, Optimum markets all properties developed by the Group in Spain for foreign markets and those developed in foreign countries around the world, creating brokerage networks, attending exhibitions and meeting with the most important players in the real estate market.

Nowadays, Optimum has presence in networks in United States, Venezuela, Colombia, United Kingdom, Italy and Russia, and offices in Panama (head office for Latin America) and Spain (head office).

We have become proud members of AIPP, Spanish Chambers of Commerce in Great Britain and Germany, FIABCI, NAR, ACOBIR and AEGI, (and hopefully soon of RGR and Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Russian Federation) to provide a better service in a world that is globalized.

Investing in Emerging Markets – Panama: Strengths and opportunities

Moscow, October 2008


“In times of crisis, where does the money go?” I heard that in the last MIPIM exhibition, said by one of the most important luxury residences and hotel companies of the world. It’s not a question about “how much” but about “where”.


Surprisingly, Latin America has been could be perfectly the answer for that question. And I would like to start this way because of this actual situation of panic, crisis, and some other horrible words we in the real estate market have to hear.


Although I’m not going into  the history of high rise buildings in depth, or what does high-rise building mean , as all of you would probably know better than me, I would like to point some facts and figures about how Latin America has become into one of the most important high-rise (skyscrapers) with some superb skylines nothing to envy to Chicago, New York or other well known and historic cities around the world.